Friday, 13 April 2012

Not quite at my finals.

After robo cutting all seven designs i have choosen these three as my finals. I think they work the best and the design are the most exciting out of the seven. These are still development as i some of the robo could be done smoother and they
could be made more exciting.

Robo Cutting

In my major project i experimented with the robo cutter. Immediately feel in love with it. Sometimes i can be a bit frustrating as it takes along time to get prepared, and its all trial and error with getting the speeds and thickness right, but once it works its very rewarding.
Robo Cutting gets in the fine corners where you might struggle to get if just hand cutting, and for me who is a bit heavy handed i have found this is an excellent way to cut out.
I think robo cutting has also helped me to find my own style. As I'm not confident about drawing I'm finding drawing straight on to illustrator has loosened my drawing up into quick quirky sketches.

As i have decided to make 3D pop up cards. I thought the best thing to do was think about posting my cards, because nobody would want to be a gift card that they would have to pay extra for posting.
I went on the royal mails website to see the guildlines of posting.


Once i was happy with my drawing i decicded to move onto my development. In passed modules i have played it safe and stuck to flat cards. I decided to be more advententures this module as its is my Final.
For collection one of my FMP ive decided to make pop up cards. I have designed a few different designs, once ive have robo cut them im going to see which three work best and have these as my finals.

Monday, 9 April 2012


Once i was confident i had picked the right concept for my FMP i started my drawing sheets. In the past i think my drawing sheets have bee n a bit dull and boring, so i have experiments with different techniques for the backgrounds to make them more exciting.


To get a grasp of nature i went round my local forests and backgrounds taking many pictures.

Final Major Project

For my final major project i was never in doubt that i wanted to design Greeting Products, i just wanted to make sure i picked a subject that was interesting enough to create a big body. While driving home from uni i drive along many country roads, it was late Autumn early Winter while trying to think of my concept for my FMP, i loved my drive home at this time of year as the trees where all bare and create a bridge over the roads, with a red early sunsets. This is when i decided to use this as my concept for my FMP.

Tuesday, 29 November 2011

My Bay

This is my bay with all my finshed work it it. I'm really happy that my collection actually looks like a collection.

Gift Bags

I made Gift Bags out of the backgrounds of my gift wrap and used my laser cut objects for details. Personally this is my favourite part of my collection,
My cards

These are my finshed cards displayed ready for hand in. I love the spotty background in the back.

Memory Box

This is the memory box i made. The images on the box are cut with the laser cutter. I'm really happy how my laser cutting turned out.

Messing with the RoBo Cutter

After messing around with the RoBo cutter i designed this card, i think this is a lot better than how the garmet shapes would have turned out

RoBo Cutter and Laser Cutter

After not liking what i was doing. I decided to look at my different options. There was a workshop on how to use the RoBo and Laser cutter. i quickly taught myself how to use illustrator and made some card design on there.
Card Design

I was orginally going to use fashion garmet shapes on my cards but didnt think it looked very exciting.

Minor Project

For my minor project i decided to look at New born babies. I noticed that their is barely any twin cards on the market so thought it would be good to try and fill that gap in the market.

Thursday, 12 May 2011

My Cards and Gift Wrap

friendship is one mind in two bodies

hold a true friend with both your hands

a good friend is cheaper than thearpy

a best friend is someone who knows all about you, and loves you anyway.

Friends are siblings God forgot to give us

this is me and my best friend martin.
i have two male best friends, the other is gay and will appricate any best friend card you give him no matter how girly it is. however when i try to buy martin a birthday card i find it really hard as all the best friend cards are female and he is to specail to just buy a normal birthday card. this inspired me to create male and female best friend cards for my indivual options project.

Sunday, 8 May 2011

Spray Painting...

for my most recent project i have being using spray paint, so every chance ive got when the weather has been on my side ive been out in my garden spray painting my designs ready to create into gift products

Tuesday, 3 May 2011

this is the project that im current working on, taking my old photos and turning them into stencils and spray painting the designs. i am going to use these spray painted images into gift designs.
this is an drawing of a gnome that i did, it is ment to be my uncle in a style of a gnome as his hobbie is fishing.

these are my gift bag and boxes for the live brief we were working on for hallmark. i did for different themes. gnomes, fairys, cupcakes and owls as you can see in the picture of the gift boxes. i made them all from scratch to create the gift bags and boxes.

these are my other to tops for fashion year two.
this is one of my top designs from year 2. my theme was pirates. i hand embroided all the anchors on to the top. i quite like the outcome of this how so of the anchors where very time consuming for how little we had for the project
i have been busy getting on top of my work recently rather than it being on top of me for once. i think im finally getting there. this year has been a busy year, with only 6 to 8 weeks to do projects. but i have enjoyed this year at uni. this year at uni has also helped me to decided what area i want to go into. after doing my gift project i realised that this is where my passion lies.

Thursday, 8 April 2010

My interests