Tuesday, 29 November 2011

My Bay

This is my bay with all my finshed work it it. I'm really happy that my collection actually looks like a collection.

Gift Bags

I made Gift Bags out of the backgrounds of my gift wrap and used my laser cut objects for details. Personally this is my favourite part of my collection,
My cards

These are my finshed cards displayed ready for hand in. I love the spotty background in the back.

Memory Box

This is the memory box i made. The images on the box are cut with the laser cutter. I'm really happy how my laser cutting turned out.

Messing with the RoBo Cutter

After messing around with the RoBo cutter i designed this card, i think this is a lot better than how the garmet shapes would have turned out

RoBo Cutter and Laser Cutter

After not liking what i was doing. I decided to look at my different options. There was a workshop on how to use the RoBo and Laser cutter. i quickly taught myself how to use illustrator and made some card design on there.
Card Design

I was orginally going to use fashion garmet shapes on my cards but didnt think it looked very exciting.

Minor Project

For my minor project i decided to look at New born babies. I noticed that their is barely any twin cards on the market so thought it would be good to try and fill that gap in the market.